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Here you can find out information about Melissa, Bellydancing performer and instructor, character actor (Pirate and others), and Reiki energy healing Master and teacher, located in Los Angeles, California.

Hire Melissa for your next event! Add life to your party (Birthday, Anniversary, etc. – but no Bachelor parties please!), corporate events, and holiday parties. She will bring an exciting blend of verve, music, dance and entertainment to your gathering.

Check out the Classes page for information about bellydancing lessons and Reiki healing classes.


by L. Arik Greenberg

O Faithful Goddess,
Whose hips are like rolling hills,
Whose movement is like the ocean -
Swelling, rising, falling, undulating, calling.
Whose belly, like a gentle mound,
Would make the kings of old desire to be entombed therein.
Who would make the Minoan snake goddess writhe with envy,
Whose dance would make the Terpsichorean Muse question
Who is the artist and who the muse.
Full-figured Indian goddess,
Who resembling ideals from ancient past
Might teach men and women of today
What truly is beauty.
You are the embodiment of all that is truly feminine,
Your sweet, angelic face with the warmth of your
welcoming, comforting smile,
All echoing your nurturing, nourishing nature.
I revere, honor and worship you for all my days,
And I long to watch you dance.


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